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save, save, save

 That is no secret to save, save, save, but here are a few tips.

Neglect is not saving. You probably already know that from past experiences and telling you only seems annoying, but saving money by not fixing critical areas around your home can hurt your homes ability to perform.

Efficient use of materials, time and effort will save you money down the road. This is something you want to do when entering an economic slump. Check your roof first and be sure any expenses now can last a few years without major repairs.  Inspect windows and doors for any air leaks and install storm windows where you have any drafty, but some what effective modern windows. The cost will be minimal and the savings in heating season could be very important if prices fluctuate erratically again.

Install a storm door where you may have not done so in the past.

Have your insulation in your attic checked. The savings gained from making sure your attic is fully insulated and properly vented is money in the bank come winter.

Make sure your bulk head, if you have one has a door that can be secured at the cellar with few drafts. Have your boiler cleaned and checked to make sure it is running clean and efficient. Buy your Pellets right now in June and July before the prices go up and before a shortage occurs.

Check into an alternative heat source such as wood, pellets or even a coal stove that can save you on oil or gas.

Other ways to save without spending would be to control your use of hot water better.

I think even trips to the grocery store may be reduced by shopping together with a neighbor and sharing the time comparing cost saving measures.

We are going to be faced with an economic slump for a while with the way things look so plan ahead. be wise with your money and even sell off things you don't need now while things are still progressing slowly.

Call your contractor or carpenter friend to give your house a look over and see if there are a few simple things that could be done with cost effectiveness that will insure you are secure from the weather and prepared for winter before it becomes an emergency that can't be delayed.

Prepare your house for a guest. You may want to put a room aside and get it ready for a family member who may be in the midst of moving or selling their home to avoid the financial burdens that may overtake them.

This is really a good time to save money on projects as carpenters and contractors will be very competitive to please you during a slump. Hope to hear from others with ideas on how to save, save, save.


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