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Economic Cabinetry

With the price of cabinets these days and the economic situation on the horizon, it seems to me people should be saving money by spending wiser. Cabinetry is one of those skills that can be applied with an immense amount of cost variables to suit almost any room configuration. As in all things direct buying to the manufactured source can yeild great advantages. The reputation that custom cabinetry is more expensive than store bought factory boxes, assembled on site, is a sales ploy from cabinet sellers.

The reason I say this as there are many things that are priced to carry the overhead of multiple stages in the selling process and one could be much wiser with ones money if they just knew another more direct approach to spending that would yeild immediate savings. Buying direct from a cabinet maker.

Custom Cabinets. Kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets and built in cabinets all can be bought directly from a cabinet maker and the savings can give you a better value than buying cheap store bought cabinetry.

The advantage to in house bult cabinetry is two fold.

One; you employ a local cabinet maker and he is always available to add, repair or service your future needs.

two; You are paying only him to design, build and finish the job. No sales staff, no show room and no added cost for transportation from far away places that make the cabinets in some one else's economy. 

I have worked with a number of cabinet makers over the years and I myself make cabinets that are sturdy, custom fitted to every individual room and can assure real wood is used and no particle board or inferior assembly techniques are used. All of which is done at the local cost and hourly wages of your local area.

When real wood is desires and quality construction at reasonable prices is desired then custom fit onsite cabinetry may be your solution. The advantages of no filler pieces and full staright through shelving with no space stealing partitions unecesarily robbing you of interior dimensions, like in store bought box cabinets, you get a better more economical use of space and money, with out sacrificing looks.

If economic worry has caused you to put off a needed cabinet job, perhaps you should checkout a local cabinet maker and find out how much he can do for you. At a minimum you will have meet a local ttradesman and perhaps secured a carpenter for life that can aid you on cost saving measures throughout your home.

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