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Is Service Magic ?

Is Service Magic?

 Not to a successful company it isn’t. Service is something you create with customer dedication and takes no magic but a desire to include a commitment to quality and value in every aspect of your business or trade.

 It is no secret that reliability, availability, good communications while contacting the customer with the knowledge of products and quality of application methods, are just some of the things it takes to have service that would be considered magic by some.

 A local contractor who has developed his reputation through a customer chain, respecting of his service, is not magic but hard work and dedication to a customer base.

 The service you should be looking for is actually a developed report that a contractor seeks to employ in his business profile and is a reflection of his concern for his customers. No outside company can manufacture what a dedicated professional has developed and earned from his labor built from his companies aims to you.

There will always be secondary advertising companies and methods promising a way to choose contractors. Each of these generic processes will sell you their method as best. Each of these methods includes promises that they can not back up as well as the man who can personally do the job for you.

 If you want true service, true value and true magic service then you must locally hire, locally filter out and research your best contractor values. Otherwise you are welcoming a middleman who is profiting from quantity of clients and not quality of those clients no matter what their claims may be. The ability for nationally advertised businesses to BUY a process and advertise its quality is too easy to manufacture with a slick web design and advertising campaign.

Your local community, your neighbors and your friends are the best way to qualify your tradesman and he knows that. Seeking out your best value isn’t an easy process but that is what makes it most affective and true to your local area. Community connection is your strength and your local government and communication avenues can be a help. Your best local contractors have invested in you and your community personally, developing a trust built by and for you the customer, reflective of your communities input.

Here are some tips; Check out the better business bureau, check out forums on the internet for reviews, check out local resources like the chamber of commerce and your local newspaper. Talk to your neighbors and trust your instincts. Be wary of promises from second party advertising companies paid to create images of security in hiring when you already have that in your community with your control at the touch of a phone dial.

 Like I mentioned service isn’t magic but a shared creation that a company develops along with his happy customers. Gain the trust and develop your connection to your community and experience the difference you can make.

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    Ron Hoehn carpentry and remodeling service - Remodeling journal - Is Service Magic

Reader Comments (1)

Hi Ron-- Great minds think alike.

ServiceMagic is a middleman that pretty much buys leads from Google through adwords... they run some radio spots and tv ads (but not many).

What people don't understand is that their service is inflationary and causes their project to cost more.

Think about it, if 10 contractors (I know they say they only sell the leads to 5 or less)--however they refused to ever provide that in writing to me though I prompted them numerous times. So if multiple contractors are showing up, suggesting designs and putting in time for free--they need to make that money back somewhere. We can't be working for free!

Another thing to consider... how many visits to the ServiceMagic website is by contractors... and how many from clients? You have to consider all those contractors that set up with them are working through the process--and the other builders coming through (likely 5 or 10), for every 1 customer.

I have only ever met 2 people that were happy with that lead generation service.

Nice Site Ron-- It shows you take pride in it.


March 13, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLawrence Winterburn

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