What's next
Thursday, November 26, 2009 at 7:46AM
Ron Hoehn

As we sit down to thank our friends, family and clients on this Thanksgiving day our thoughts are with you all. We give thanks for the incredible amount of support we have received in these trying economic times as we strove to maintain quality and cost and above all VALUE to our customers.

As the preparation around here gets hectic and the smell of foods intoxicating aromas permiate the home atmosphere, I look outside to the rainy sky and ponder; What's next!

What is next from now and until Christmas. The greatest Holiday of thanks and warmth. A good question to ponder some other time perhaps as I'm needed in the kitchen.

Will the weather hold, will the economy hold, will you get in here and help...oops excuse me, I'm needed.

What matters right now is that I get ready for now, Thanksgiving, the pilgrims gift to us all. A day of warmth and cheer a day to remember the good we did and the friends we spent it with and a time to celebrate family.  

Right now, it is time to stoke the fire, fill a cup with hot coffee, add myself to the buzz of preparation and enjoy the moment of hustle and talk that lends itself to good cheer and the day we call Thanksgiving.

Have a great Holiday and remember to truly eat and live well giving thanks for the splender of it all. 

Focus on success, and yule be blessed

while learning to succeed , providing the family needs.



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